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Change Your Life for the Better

Sleep is essential to function – and with our busy lifestyles, a good night’s sleep is becoming a luxury in itself. However, at 1907 we believe that everyone deserves an amazing night’s sleep every night - and the perfect mattress is essential to achieving a good night’s rest.

Sleep is vital to our physical and psychological wellbeing, and deficiencies in sleep - even temporary sleep loss - can have a serious impact on our ability to function in day to day life. Without sufficient sleep, concentration can be severely affected, lessening our ability to cope with minor irritations and accomplish even the most basic tasks. Our immune systems also rejuvenate, and those who are prone to sleep deprivation suffer more illnesses and infection than the rest of the population.

A high quality mattress from 1907 will increase your chances of achieving optimum sleep; keeping you healthy and ready to face whatever the day throws at you!