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Mattress Firmness & Support: The Differences

A high quality mattress should support your body, respond to your movements and evenly distribute your weight. Many people mistakenly assume that a firm bed is more supportive than a soft bed. In truth, firmness is a personal preference but the level of firmness can be influenced by your weight.

The correct level of support is based on the positioning of your spine when lying on the bed. An easy way to check the appropriate level of support is to run your hand between the hollow of your back and the mattress. If the mattress is too hard your hand will run easily through the gap, if it is too soft then the gap will not be present.


Too Hard

For years sufferers of back pain were advised to purchase the firmest mattress available - a theory that has now been discarded. An overly firm mattress causes the spine to curve upwards, exerting pressure on the knees and shoulders. An excessively firm mattress could result in aches and pains upon waking, disrupting your rest. This is why 1907 offer a range of mattresses offering different levels of support.


Too Soft

In contrast, a very soft mattress may not provide the correct level of support necessary to keep your spine straight, sinking under zones of greater weight distribution such as the hips and shoulders. Uneven support causes the spine to curve downwards, exerting excessive pressure on the hips, which can also lead to back pains.   This is why 1907 offer a range of mattresses offering different levels of support.


Perfect Support

The perfect mattress will distribute your weight evenly, ensuring the spine remains straight and your body is relieved of pressure.

Frequently couples find they prefer different levels of spring tensions in the mattress - one wants a firm mattress, the other soft. Commonly, couples settle on a mattress of medium firmness leaving neither of them truly happy with the purchase. 1907 are experts in creating mattresses with different levels of firmness across the mattress, effectively separating the mattress into two halves of differing tensions. The only decision to make now is who gets which side.