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Caring for your mattress

To prevent build up of dust, dander and dust mites, you should vacuum your mattress regularly using the upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner. If the mattress surface becomes dirty or soiled, use an upholstery shampoo, using warm water and a sponge – do not allow the interior materials of the mattress get wet, and do not use solvent-based cleansers as these can damage memory foam mattresses. Allow the mattress to dry thoroughly. A mattress cover or protector is optional, but may provide further protection from dust and a build-up of dirt. This should be cleaned whenever you wash your bedding.

Pocket and coil sprung mattresses

You should turn your pocket or coil sprung mattress once a month to ensure the utmost support and comfort. You should vary this between turning it from end to end and from side to side each month.

Memory foam mattresses

You should rotate your memory foam mattress once a month as well, however this should only be turned from end to end as the layer of memory foam should always stay on the top side.