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The seven year itch - how often should I replace my mattress?

Most of us are as aware that it is important to replace your toothbrush every 3 months or change cosmetics every 3 months–2 years, but many people would struggle to say when it’s best to replace other household items such as windows, refrigerators and pillows.

While research indicates that windows should be reviewed every 15-20 years, pillows and perfume should both should be replaced every two years, and refrigerators should be replaced every 14-17 years, there will of course be exceptions to these guide figures.

Here mattress expert Andrew Waters, from luxury mattress brand 1907, explains why the figure allocated to mattress lifespan – which states they should be replaced every 7 years – may be misleading, and offers advice on how to make the most out of your mattress.

Andrew Waters said:  “It is often recommended that you change your mattress every seven years. However we believe a traditionally made, high quality mattress which is well looked after cannot only improve the amount of sleep you achieve but it could also last 10-15 years – which of course will save you money in the long-run.

“The tell-tale signs of a mattress in need of replacement are misshapen springs that dig into you as you sleep, a ripped mattress cover, and a mattress that no longer supports you which could result in in loss of sleep and sore joints.”

Andrew and the experienced team at 1907 hand-make luxury natural and memory foam mattresses to order, for consumers and the high end hotel market, and believe that regular mattress care will improve the lifespan of a mattress and provide better return on investment. 

Mattress care

It is important to turn and rotate a naturally filled mattress once a month to even out the wear.  Memory foam mattresses only have one sleep side so they do not need flipping and they should instead be rotated end to end to increase their lifespan.

Andrew added: “Vacuuming your mattress using the upholstery attachment will prevent the build up of dust, while any marks on the mattress surface should be cleaned with warm water, a specific upholstery shampoo and a sponge.   It is important however, to make sure the interior of the mattress doesn’t get wet as it can damage the material and reduce the lifespan of the mattress.”

It is also worth considered adding a mattress protector which should be washed at a high temperature on a regular basis while plastic sheets for children’s beds will help with night time accidents and protect your mattress.”

Although 1907 is confident customers will love its mattresses, to offer additional reassurance to online customers, 1907 offers a 40 night comfort guarantee.   If  customers are not 100% happy with their level of comfort, 1907 will exchange a mattress for another model. Full terms and conditions can be found on the 1907 website:

For further information on choosing and caring for a mattress and to view the 1907 range visit: