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How to overcome bad sleep habits

It can often be a struggle for us to get the recommended 7.5 - 9 hours sleep we need to stop us from feeling irritable, drowsy and unable to concentrate at home, work, or when out and about doing day to day tasks.

Andrew Waters, Sales and Marketing Manager of luxury mattress manufacturer 1907 gives his top ten tips to overcome bad habits to help us to get the sleep our bodies need to help us wake up feeling revitalised and ready to take on the challenges the day ahead brings.
1.    Don’t go to bed until you feel tired

We often go to bed around 9.00pm and end up tossing and turning unable to go to sleep, as our bodies are still too awake to just switch off and go to bed. Only go to bed when you actually feel tired. Try to go to bed at the same time every night around 10.00pm, as it is proven that the best sleep occurs is between 10.00pm – 6.00am.

2.    Don’t exercise before bed

It is true those who exercise for 30-40 minutes a day sleep better than those that don’t. However exercise should be at least three or four hours before bed.

3.    Don’t drink caffeine before bed

It is very tempting to have a coffee or a caffeinated drink like a tea, or a can of coke before bed if you are thirsty. Such drinks act as a stimulant so try to drink them through the day rather than at night. If you need a drink before bed why not have a warm milky drink such as a hot chocolate instead.

4.    Don’t drink alcohol before bed

It is a common mistake by people to think that alcohol helps you to sleep. This is incorrect as in reality alcohol leaves you dehydrated so although it will initially help you to fall asleep, it will interrupt your sleep patterns through the night. Try swapping alcohol for water a few hours before you go to bed.

5.    Avoid eating late at night

Eating large meals before bed can cause indigestion, acid reflex and to have the discomfort of a full stomach before bed. Try to not eat before bed, or if you have to eat something opt for something light like cereal.

6.    Turn off electrical equipment before bed

As we live in a digital age there are many electrical gadgets such as i-phones, smart phones, tablets, PC’s, laptops and TV in our bedrooms. However, they can affect the amount of sleep we get, as they stimulate our brains, making us want to answer emails, play games, reply to text messages or watch films until late at night. Switch off all electrical equipment at least half an hour before bed and if you need your mobile for an alarm turn off text and email alerts so you aren’t disturbed.

7.    Make sure you are relaxed before bed

We can all be a little guilty of being kept awake worrying about work or personal issues as we are trying to drift off to sleep.  It’s important to reduce stress before bed by talking about the issue with someone having a hot bath, reading a book or listening to relaxing music which will help take your mind off the problem and reduce anxiety and stress.

8.    Set a regular routine

Although many of us would set up a routine for our children, few of us would think to do the same for ourselves however setting a regular time to go to bed and time to wake up ensures you are in a regular routine and your body will benefit from regular and consistent sleep routines.

9.    Create the perfect sleep environment

As much as we all love the idea of being toasty and warm at night, it is essential that your body temperature drops before you can fall asleep, so keeping your bedroom cool is essential. Ideally the temperature should be around 16-18C so try opening the window half an hour before you go to bed to ensure you get the room to the right temperature.  But don’t forget to shut it before you go to sleep as nobody wants to catch a cold.

Ensure your bedroom is as dark as possible to ensure the perfect sleeping environment – keep lights out of the bedroom, shut the blinds or curtains and turn any alarm clocks with blue digital lights away from you to ensure darkness and stop you clock watching throughout the night.

10.  Invest in your rest

To ensure you get a good night’s sleep it is often a good idea to invest in your rest by buying a new mattress. This can help ensure you are fully rested and able to start the day fully rested, refreshed and full of energy. This should also help you to concentrate more fully on tasks at work, home or when socialising with friends.

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