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Top tips to ensure your children get a good night’s sleep

It can often be a challenge to get your children to sleep through the night. If you are a parent struggling with this issue, Andrew Waters, Sales & Marketing Manager of 1907 Beds (and father of three children under the age of ten) offers us his top tips to help ensure your children get a good night’s sleep.

Create the perfect sleep environment

Create a bedroom environment that helps your child to sleep. Remove electronics from their bedroom (telephone, television, videogames etc). Keep the bedroom cool and dark. If your child wants light, use one night light. If your children still want to play with toys when it is bedtime, make the toys inaccessible; store them in a cupboard with childproof locks.  Remember to keep their sleep area clear, just their bedding and one security item, a teddy bear, or a favourite blanket are perfect to help settle them into a sound night’s sleep. Too many toys can create distraction at a time when you want them to feel calm and settled.

Set a regular bedtime

It is vital to get your children into a regular routine at bedtime. This can be a constant struggle as even though your child may be exhausted, they often feel like they are missing out and battle to stay awake to ensure they don’t miss anything.

It is up to you to decide when your children should go to bed. The National Sleep Foundation recommends that toddlers aged 1-3 years should get around 12-14 hours a night. Pre-school age 3-5 years should get 11-13 hours and school age 5-10 year olds should get 10-11 hours per night.

If your child is between 5-10, to work out when your child should be settling to sleep, take 11 hours off the time they wake each morning. For example, if your child wakes at 7am, bedtime should be 8pm.

Regular routine at bedtime

It is really important to create a simple routine before bedtime; start off your child’s routine with a relaxing bath, then quiet activities that occur in the same order every night. For example offer them a warm drink, put pyjamas on, brush teeth, visit the toilet, read one book and snuggle them into bed with their favourite soft toy, or blanket. It is really important that you keep the routine the same every night because the routine helps your child to know bedtime is approaching soon. As part of this routine it’s also a great idea to say ‘goodnight, sleep tight’. Repeating this to them every night will encourage them to settle down and go to sleep.

Be consistent

Insist that your child sleeps alone in his or her bed every night. If you allow them into your bed, or if you discover them in your bed in the middle of the night, immediately return them to their own bed. Otherwise you run the risk of them falling out of bed and increasing sleep interruptions. This can become a bad habit that is very difficult for them to break. 

Invest in your child’s rest

If your child has not had enough sleep, it shows in their behaviour the next day. They can be irritable, drowsy, unable to concentrate and badly behaved at home and at school.

To ensure your child has a good night’s sleep it is often a good idea to invest in their rest by buying them a new mattress. This can help ensure they get a good night’s sleep and wake up in the morning fully rested, refreshed and full of energy. This should help them to behave well, concentrate more fully on tasks at home or at school.

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