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How to choose the perfect mattress

All too often we expect our mattresses will stay comfortable for decades when in reality a mattress needs to be changed every seven years, however with so many options on the market it’s difficult to know where to start. With this in mind, Andrew Waters, sales and marketing manager from luxury mattress brand 1907 offers his top tips on selecting the perfect mattress to help you achieve the best night’s sleep possible.

  1. Imagine your bed is a sofa This may sound odd, but statistically we spend longer choosing a new sofa than a bed – and often spend more money on our sofas too. You wouldn’t spend 1/3rd of your life sitting on an uncomfortable sofa, so why put up with an uncomfortable mattress? Invest in your mattress in the same way you would a sofa.
  1. Consider the options

Consider both memory foam and natural filling mattresses. One is not objectively ‘better’ than the other so it’s a matter of personal preference

Memory foam mattresses have a unique open cell structure that reacts to body heat, moulding around your body and eliminating pressure points. This allows you to settle for long periods without tossing and turning and ensuring a restful sleep.

Natural mattresses can be filled with a range of materials including wool, horsehair, cotton and coir – it’s worth knowing what properties these materials have and why they are used so you can make an informed decision. Most natural mattresses contain a combination of the following: 

  • Wool – offers insulation, support and comfort plus it’s naturally flame resistant
  • Horsehair – provides natural ventilation and its springy quality ensures flexibility
  • Coir – found between the husk and outer shell of a coconut to offer heat, durability and moisture resistance
  • Cotton – for softness, strength and breathability
  1.  The goldilocks effect

Whether too hard or too soft, the wrong support in a mattress can cause discomfort, pain and restlessness. When selecting the perfect mattress for you, remember, firmness is not the same as support.

The perfect mattress will distribute your weight evenly, ensuring the spine remains straight and your body is relieved of pressure. An easy way to check the appropriate level of support is to run your hand between the hollow of your back and the mattress. If the mattress is too hard your hand will run easily through the gap, if it is too soft then the gap will not be present.

  1. All shapes and sizes

If your bedframe is an unusual shape, why not investigate having a bespoke mattress made for you?  Mattresses can be manufactured in non-standard shapes and sizes, ensuring a perfect fit.

Couples may also find they prefer different levels of spring tensions in the mattress - one wants a firm mattress, the other soft, meaning they often settle on a mattress of medium firmness leaving neither of them truly happy with the purchase. Why not consider a bespoke mattress which links two mattresses together with differing tensions on each mattress.