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Designer Beds

Everyone is impressed with a bargain. As a society we love nothing better than thinking we are getting something of a high value for a fraction of the price. This simple fact can get you buying something you never thought you needed or wanted (and probably never needed or wanted) because the price tag is so seductive.

But quality comes at a price, and the bargains that reel you in will not last the test of time. That is why the best quality products are classed as designer and luxury, because they give a better experience, and when they promise longevity they deliver it.

A quality mattress should last you at least seven years, giving you the support and comfort that a decent night’s sleep requires. So it stands to reason that you cannot expect such quality and longevity in a product that cost you £80 that you had to get home on the roof of your car.

With a third of your life spent on your mattress, this is a piece of furniture that needs to be well thought out and compatible with you. What is more ‘designer’ than a mattress that has been specially made just for you? A mattress, that is moulded to your specifications and welcomes you like a long lost friend when you stumble up the stairs, bleary-eyed into your bedroom.

1907 redefine the term designer, with their bespoke mattress service. Tailored to give you the best night’s sleep, their designer beds are worth moving away from high street and towards luxury bedroom furniture.