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Strange Celebrity Sleep Habits

If you have trouble sleeping no matter how gorgeously comfortable your bespoke mattress is, then be sure in the fact that you’re not alone. The recent Great British Sleep Survey conducted by sleep organisation Sleepio found that 51.3% of us struggle to nod off to sleep, with women being three times more likely than men to suffer. Among these staggering statistics are a few celebrities who have adopted very strange sleeping habits.

British sports caster and reality show competitor Natalie Pinkham, has been a sleepwalker for as long as she can remember. For years she has been wandering out of bed and performing strange acts, one of which resulted in her being found in a hotel lobby using her hairbrush as a microphone and conducting an imaginary interview.

Another Brit with sleep issues was Winston Churchill, who was a firm believer in the day-time nap when he could not get the sleep he needed at night. He said that if you nap “you will be able to accomplish more. You get two days in one – well, at least one and a half.” Although the merits of a quick nap can help your health and productivity, you have to make sure that a nap during the day does not hinder your ability to sleep at night causing you to feel drowsy the next day.

Over in America the sleep habits of celebrities seem to step up a notch with rapper Eminem using tin foil instead of black-out blinds to cover the windows so he can completely black-out the room to get sleep. He uses this technique to cope with jumping between different time zones.

Mariah Carey takes her sleep very seriously, and she is lucky in the fact that she has no trouble in drifting off, insisting on a massive 15 hours of sleep a night. The singer states that she needs this much sleep for her voice to be at its best and makes sure she has 20 humidifiers surrounding the bed to create a steam room effect for her throat.

One of the most infamous celebrities with a sleep disorder was Michael Jackson, who went to the extremes of dealing with his lack of sleep with a cocktail of powerful sedatives. The night before he died, Jackson reportedly lay awake all night as he was immune to anti-anxiety medications and muscle relaxants, until receiving an injection of the anaesthetic Propofol (used in surgical procedures) from his doctor. Michael stopped breathing shortly after and died, and his doctor’s unorthodox methods resulted in a homicide ruling.

Medication can be a way to mask other issues as to why you are not sleeping and if one medication doesn’t work, this can lead down a path to stronger, more dangerous drugs.

No matter how weird your sleeping habits are, as long as they get you some shut-eye then that’s the main issue. Whether you surround yourself with humidifiers or tin foil your windows, or simply count some sheep until your eyes close, make sure you are getting the rest you need to function at your best the next day.