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Apps to Help You Understand the Way You Sleep

The wonder that is modern technology has now brought us fitness gadgets that can tell you how much sleep you’ve had, how many times you’ve tossed and turned, and whether you’re truly well rested when the sun comes up.

Gear4’s sleep-watching gadget differs from other fitness gadgets as it uses truly advanced technology that uses radio waves to measure your movements and breathing. You simply need to sleep near it.

The Renew SleepClock uses the information it gathers in relation to your sleeping pattern to wake you at your lightest point of sleep, the optimal time to wake up. The theory is that awaking from light sleep, opposed to the deep stages of sleep, helps reduce so-called sleep inertia – the cloud of grogginess and impaired alertness that makes people desperately want to crawl back into bed.

All you have to do is choose a window of time in the morning, usually 20-40 minutes long, during which you would like to wake up then the app will gently nudge you awake at the lightest point of your sleep cycle within the time period. You get a score every morning on how good a night’s sleep you had, including the number of hours you slept while subtracting points for disruptions and adding points for the percentage of time spent in deep restorative sleep.

As well as waking you at the best time, the app also acts as a sleep advisor, offering you guidance on the amount of sleep you should be aiming for and handy tips on how to get there.

So if you have a fancy iPhone or android phone then get your sleep app set up to give you your very own sleep doctor to iron out any sleep issues you may have. Or even if you’re curious as to how well you do sleep and how many hours of restorative sleep you get, this is the inexpensive version of a sleep clinic.