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Which Side of the Bed Do You Sleep On?

Many studies have come up with common patterns between couples of which side of the bed they sleep on and what this could mean about the relationship and gender roles.  Personally, I think the choice is as simple as who has the best argument for their preferred side.

The dream scenario is that you love one side, and your partner loves the other. End of discussion, commence sleeping. But when life just isn’t that simple and the side war begins, you need to be ready to fight for your corner as once the decision has been made, there is no going back.

A classic female trick to get one’s way, is to play the tiny little woman card. By stating that your choice is solely based on feeling safer that your man is closer to the door in case intruders come into the room, simultaneously makes your man feel puffed up with masculinity and gets you your side of the bed.

For men, a clever tactic is to appeal to a woman’s practical side. He could state that he needs a certain side because he stays up later to read so needs the side with the desk lamp on it. Or that he is a deeper sleeper so he needs to be closest to the alarm so he gets up. This practical approach relies on reason and is a very effective way of winning a discussion without it becoming an argument.

Either way, once the bed side choice has been made and agreed upon, it is final. This is a forever decision for the eternity of your relationship so make sure you are positive that you can live with your side.

Here at 1907 Beds, we offer a bespoke mattress service where we can create the perfect mattress for you and your partner. If you both prefer different levels of firmness we can customize each side to match your specifications. So if you’ve lost the side argument and feel as though you’ve got the short end of the stick, make the best of your lot with a side that gives you the best night’s sleep.