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Top 10 Weirdest Beds EVER

See how a strange sub-sect of the population sleeps in this weird and wonderful mixture of the world’s strangest (and coolest) beds.

Designed by Dutchman Janjaap Ruissenaars, this bed has enough magnets to keep 1,984 pounds floating in the air. Don’t worry though; four cables will keep you tightly tethered to the ground if there is an unruly gust of wind!

Are you feeling good enough to eat? Imagine how appealing you would look sandwiched between sesame seed sheets! This bed is novelty at its best, and is sure to provide a smile and inspire hunger in all.

Made from 120 soft balls covered with elastic fabric, the ‘feel seating structure’ could be the most scientifically inspired place you have ever rested your head. Inspired by a molecular structure, the basic form for all objects in the universe, this is truly unique.

The Quantum Sleeper is a bed that hermetically seals itself as you sleep to protect you from any and everything, including bio-chemical attacks, kidnappers and natural disasters. You can cower in style as the police arrive with CD and DVD players and a microwave oven.

Music lovers rejoice! The sonic bed is a king-sized bed with 12-channel surround sound. Created by Kaffe Matthews as a museum exhibit, the bed requires 220 volts of electricity and covers every inch of your body in sound.

Designed by Manuel Kloker, the Private Cloud is a patented rocking frame for a bed that moves back and forth like a rocking chair. Enjoy the soothing rocking motion of a rocking chair while you lie vertically and drift off to sleep.

A bed fit for any fairy tale. This English handcrafted creation is every little girls dream and sets the bar high for any other bed after it.

Have you ever felt so tired that you could sleep standing up? Well here’s a vertical bed to offer you just that. Cosy and comfy and you don’t even need to fight with yourself to get up as the alarm goes off, as you’re already up!

The ultimate in beds for men, this creation has you sleeping in ultimate style to the envy of all your friends. No petrol, MOT or service needed, so just sit back and enjoy the ride.

This bed is the definitive space saver as you use ceiling space to store away after a good night’s sleep.