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Making Your Bed the Focal Point in Your Bedroom

A modern bedroom reflects the owner’s space and provides a haven of comfort and style. Therefore, effort needs to be made to ensure that your bedroom is as welcoming to the eye, as it is to your weary bones at the end of a long, hard day.

When you walk into your bedroom, the bed should be the first thing that catches your eye. This piece of furniture needs to be the focal point in your room as it is the most important of all your furniture.

Here are a few tips to make sure your bed gets the attention it so rightly deserves.

  • Move it – Changing the position of your bed can dramatically alter its importance within your bedroom. It should be the first thing that catches your eye and clever placement can give the illusion of more space. So don’t be shy, find someone big and strapping and get experimenting with the position of your bed.
  • No Wall Flowers – Having brightly coloured walls and bold wallpaper will detract attention away from your bed, essentially turning it into a wall flower. Instead, use bold prints and colour schemes on your bed spread and pillows to bring the attention firmly back to where it should be.
  • Irresistible – Nothing is more inviting than a bed that oozes cosiness and comfort. When you are showing off your luxury bed to friends and family they should feel the hot sting of jealousy as they think about their lumpy, old mattress waiting for them when they get home. Just perching on the edge of your bed should be enough to convince them that they need to invest in a new mattress so their bedroom can look and feel as luxurious as yours.

The biggest test to see if your bed has reached ‘focal point’ status is the most simple. When you open the door into your bedroom, do your eyes fall instantly and lustfully onto your bed? If not, then work needs to be done.