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How to Make Your Bed Squeak Less

Creaks and squeaks in your bed can prevent you from getting the sleep that you need, and if you are becoming aware of the symphony of noise every time you change position or turn over, then it is time to fix your bed.

The squeaks come from the bed frame, so remove the mattress and get down to the screws and slats. A small amount of effort now can make the difference between a sound night’s sleep and a restless sleep of noise disruption.

Here are a few quick fixes to illuminate the dreaded squeak.

  • A good way to stop this problem is to lubricate the screws and prevent them squeaking in the frame. This is done by removing the screws one by one and rubbing the threads over a bar of soap or beeswax, and then reinserting them using a screwdriver.
  • You can also lubricate the joints of the bed frame wherever two pieces join together. For a metal frame, use WD-40, and for a wooden frame it is best to sprinkle graphite powder in the joint. However, if you do not have graphite powder then talc or baby powder will do just as well.
  • Another suggestion is to remove each nut and bolt, one by one, and place a washer between the head of the bolt and the bed frame and the nut. This will cut down any noise from the nut and bolt.
  • And, if all else fails then take the bed frame apart completely, and put it all back together.

So if you’re serious about the squeaking, then get to work on that bed frame. Your luxury mattress does not want to be shown up by a rickety bedframe that doesn’t understand when to shut up!