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Winding Down

Finding a way to switch off before bedtime can be hard when the day’s events and stresses are swirling about your brain. This is why adopting a wind down routine could mean the difference between eight hours of restlessness and eight hours of blissful sleep.

It is recommended that taking five to ten minutes to relax yourself, can help you drift off quicker and promotes a full night’s sleep. Some techniques for relaxation include having a hot, foamy bath just before bed, staying clear of caffeine, and instead opting for herbal teas or hot milk.

Your thought process can also affect the dreams you have, which in turn, can disrupt your sleep. Therefore, it is important to try to think of happy thoughts before you drift off, so that your mind is relaxed and ready for some nice dreams! Waiting for sleep to come when you’re trying to work out your monthly bills, and trying to remember if you’ve put the bins out is a fruitless task.

A great tip for relaxation is a kind of meditation that involves you lying flat on your bed and focusing on relaxing each part of your body. First, tense your muscles and then focus on releasing them one by one starting with your toes. Once your whole body is relaxed you can turn your attention to lovely thoughts while you close your eyes and wait for sleep.

Many sleep issues come from people making their bedrooms a hive of entertainment, including TV’s, laptops, phones and even meals. These actions will not promote relaxation or sleep as they are all associated with wakefulness and will keep your mind whirring with thoughts about your day and the next day to come.

So remove all distractions and prepare your bedroom and your mind for what it needs. Sleep.