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Stop Sleeping Around and Stay Faithful to your Mattress

While the Better Sleep Council (BSC) was promoting their Better Sleep Month in May, they launched a campaign named ‘Stop Sleeping Around’ encouraging people to save sleeping time until they are in bed and ready to go to the land of nod.

Although well-timed and infrequent naps can rejuvenate you when tired, sleeping away from your bed can create a bad sleeping pattern. If you do not get enough sleep at night then this will lead to you napping during the day which, in turn, makes it harder to sleep at night. A vicious circle, unless corrected.

The BSC offer guidance on how to improve your night’s sleep which includes making your bedroom a completely sleep-centric area. It is essential that you make sure your bedroom is compatible with a good night’s sleep, and it couldn’t be simpler to do this.

Remove all items that will distract you, such as laptops, study books and food and instead focus on making your bed and room comfy and inviting for a restful night. Don’t forget that light and noise are distractions too, so make sure your curtains are closed and of a material that is thick enough to keep out the light, especially on summer evenings, as well as finally binning the ticking clock that plagues your nights.

Above all, the best way to stop the day napping, is to own a mattress that is so irresistible that you wouldn’t ever consider another sleeping partner. As, why would you go out for a hamburger, when you have a steak at home?

You and your bed should be the perfect match in every way. The mattress should be soft enough to make you want to snuggle under the covers, but firm enough to support your body so you’re not left with aches and pains the next morning. So if you are reading this and thinking about your 15-year-old lumpy mattress that makes you want to stay up later and get up earlier, then invest in a new mattress that will give you the good night’s sleep and rejuvenation you need to face the next day.