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Is Sleep More Important than Food?

You would think the obvious answer to this question would be no, but when you look into the effects of starving yourself and the effects of sleep deprivation it becomes clear that the answer is yes.

Tony Schwarz, CEO of The Energy Project an author of Be Excellent at Anything, discusses the importance of sleep in Harvard Business Review’s blog. “Say you decide to go on a fast, at the end of seven days, how would you be feeling?” says Schwartz.  “You'd probably be hungry, perhaps a little weak, and almost certainly somewhat thinner. But basically you'd be fine. Now let's say you deprive yourself of sleep for a week. Not so good. After several days, you'd be almost completely unable to function.”

Even the loss of an hour or two of sleep can impair your productivity and seriously affect your mood as you become less able to deal rationally with everyday annoyances that would previously not have bothered you.

Schwartz explains that a great number of people have been depriving themselves of sleep, little by little, for so long that they have lost touch with what it feels like to be fully awake. Therefore, only by making sure you get a full night’s sleep can you be fully awake and performing at your optimum level.

So if a sacrifice needs to be made in your hectic life, think twice before pushing back that bedtime and avoiding your mattress, as you will most definitely pay for it the next day in attitude and usefulness.