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Confusing Firmness with Support

Many people associate a firm mattress with the best form of support for their backs. This is because for years it was advised that the firmer the mattress, the better the comfort and support that was given. This is a theory that has recently been discarded.

An overly firm mattress can actually exert pressure on your knees and shoulders and cause the spine to curve upwards, triggering discomfort instead of steady support as you sleep. So instead of feeling refreshed and relaxed from your night’s sleep, you will feel achy and stiff.

Issues can also arise when your mattress is too soft, offering the wrong amount of support that can exert pressure on your hips and shoulders. If the spine is not properly supported then it sinks under those zones of greater weight distribution.

The perfect mattress will distribute your weight evenly to ensure that your spine remains straight and your body is relieved from pressure. It will also make you very reluctant to leave it when your alarm is blaring in your ear to get up!

So, when it comes to searching for the perfect mattress you need to re-evaluate your purchasing habits and take into account all important factors such as your body type, the way you sleep and the firmness you find comfortable, supportive and most importantly, luxurious. It is not simply a case of picking a certain firmness of mattress, you also need to think about the bigger picture so you can be sure that your decision will provide countless nights of good sleep.

And if you and your partner disagree on what kind of mattress you want, with one of you wanting firmer and other wanting softer, you can also buy a bespoke mattress that will cater to both sleep needs giving an easy resolution to at least one of your disagreements!