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Things You Probably Shouldn’t Do with a Mattress

Practice the worm

The Worm’ dance move is often associated with the energetic art form of breakdancing. This move is where a person lies on their stomach and forms a rippling motion through their body, creating a wave similar to that of a worm crawling. Whether you achieve this move backwards or forwards you will have your trusty mattress as support as you give it your all.

Slide down the stairs

When there’s nothing on the TV to amuse you, and you don’t fancy looking for entertainment outside your front door, then why not let your own household furniture, and gravity, do the entertaining for you? Simply grab a single mattress, clear the stairs and the area at the bottom of the stairs of any obstructions or valuables then go crazy!

Use as a trampoline

We’ve all done it. Whether through boredom, acting up to our parents or just for the sheer fun of it, bouncing on your bed as if it was a trampoline is a rite of passage into adulthood. Many a mattress has been ruined by tiny feet as they bounce, but it does not take away from the juvenile glee of this age old activity.

Play human dominoes

Now this is serious business. To give this (not recommended) mattress activity a real go, you will need several willing human dominoes, several mattresses and keen precision. Only when you are sure that your human mattress dominoes will fall with the maximum impact will you dare knock down your first domino. This is a tense and nail-biting endeavour that will produce the greatest satisfaction if the end result is achieved. Take a look at the World Record attempt mattress topple in October 2010 from Palatine Beds, which shows this activity in action. Palatine Beds exclusively manufacture the 1907 luxury range.

Build a fort

Everyone needs some quiet time every now and again, and if your home does not have a space where this peacefulness can be had, then you are left with no choice but to build your own. If you have two or three mattresses to hand then fashion them into an indoor fort so you can keep the outside world away and contemplate the important things in life.

So that rounds up the things you probably shouldn’t do with a mattress. It’s an expensive business this having fun malarkey, especially when you are using a quality mattress, so maybe just use your mattress for what it was meant for; a good night’s sleep. Check out the extensive range of luxury mattresses at 1907 Beds, and create your own sumptuously comfortable bed.