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The Benefits of Bespoke

Having something made specifically to tailor to your every need, sounds like a luxury only the rich and famous can afford. But to have something bespoke in your home is not a far reaching idea, but a possible reality with 1907 Beds. Whatever the need, we have the solution and will hand craft bespoke mattresses to any specification you desire, without leaving you penniless.

Just imagine pulling back the covers and climbing into a bed that was specially made just for you. Because all 1907 mattresses are constructed by hand we are happy to create a bespoke mattress custom-made to your specification.  Our team can make a mattress that is not only exact to your wishes in terms of comfort and style, but also to allow for unique bedsteads, corners or alcoves. 

Also, if you are tired of the argument with your partner over the firmness of your mattress then we can tailor your mattress to accommodate both needs. So there’s no need for the spat over which side of the bed you want, because your side is bespoke to you. Our talented craftsmen use age-old skills combined with modern technology to ensure your mattress is made to perfection.

If this all seems like a lot of work for a mattress, then it is worth mentioning that a little effort now when deciding on your new addition can save you back pain, restless nights and tired eyes as your choice now will last you for, possibly, the next ten years. When you say that you love your bed and don’t want to leave it, we really want you to mean that!

We carefully select locally sourced materials wherever possible to craft luxury mattresses for a bed that you won’t want to get out of. The 1907 range is exclusively manufactured by Palatine Beds of Northumberland and we have over 100 years’ experience and knowledge of how best to support your body and provide unparalleled comfort.  So snuggle back under the covers and forget that alarm clock, because the bed that was made just for you is urging you to stay put.