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Mattress Care

When you purchase a new mattress there are high expectations of luxurious comfort and durability. A new mattress is not a small purchase so a lot of thought and shopping goes into this decision. Once you have found that perfect bed that makes you want to climb under the sheets and have a siesta right there in the showroom, then you imagine the hard part is done. However, if you want your expectations of comfort and durability to be a reality, then your new mattress needs a helping hand to get there.

Even the finest beds require regular care and maintenance. Here are a few tips to keeping your mattress in tip top condition so that you can enjoy it for years to come.

Flipping Your Mattress

If you have purchased a brand new naturally filled mattress it is recommended by most manufacturers that you flip the mattress every two weeks for the first six months, and then roughly every six months after that. This is so that the mattress will achieve even wear and stay in optimum condition for a longer period. When flipping your mattress, make sure that you change it top to bottom and head to toe so that there is an even use of every area of the mattress. Don’t be a hero though; flipping a mattress is a two person job! Please note that memory foam and one sided mattresses should be rotated, never flipped.


A great tip to letting your mattress breath is to turn down the sheets every morning so that your mattress can enjoy some air and keep a clean smell. It is also important that you buy a machine-washable mattress protector sheet so that you can protect the surface from the brunt of everyday (or rather every night) wear.

Keeping Nice and Clean

If there are any spillages made on your mattress then treating them quickly is very important. Try to use a mild detergent or simply soap and a clean cloth, but make sure you read the care instructions wherever possible so that you do not damage the material. It is also important that you regularly remove dust from your mattress to prevent a build up that can trigger allergies.

Mattress Etiquette

Some of these suggestions may seem a little obvious but the view that your mattress is some sort of indestructible piece of furniture, is just not correct. If at all possible, don’t let your children and their tiny feet jump up and down on your bed. What harm can a playful child do? Well, tiny feet mean focalised pressure and this can cause havoc to your bed springs causing your luxurious dream of a mattress, to turn into a thing of torture. Another big ‘no-no’ is continually sitting on the corner of your mattress, as this can also cause distortion of the internal springs.

Even though bed maintenance may be way down on your household chores list, or not on it at all, make sure you take the time to care for the piece of furniture that gets the most use and the least appreciation. These small actions can add years to the life of your mattress, saving you money and giving you a great night sleep every night.