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Five Weird Facts about Sleep

Falling asleep is something most of us spend very little time thinking about, and why would we? It’s such a natural thing that happens every day of our lives. But when you think of it, sleep is a very strange activity full of weird and wonderful happenings, even though we aren’t always aware of them.

So here are five strange facts to confirm how amazingly curious the activity of sleep is, and its effect on us.

  1. Body temperature and the brains sleep-awake cycle are closely linked, so to drift into sleep you must first be cool enough to do so. That is why summer nights can be nightmare when trying to get your precious eight hours.
  2. The Kevin and Perry style exaggerations of teenage behaviour can sometimes seem a little dramatic but when it comes to sleep, the need for more as a teenager is no laughing matter. This age group need as much sleep as small children to fully rejuvenate, which is about ten hours a night.
  3. Sleep loss is expected when a baby comes on the scene, but the amount of lost sleep for parents can seem staggeringly high when it is totted up over the first year. Those little bundles of joy generally result in the loss of 400 to 750 hours of sleep. Wow, it’s a good job they are adorable.
  4. When people say that they possess a ‘natural alarm clock’ they may not be superhuman or just a bit strange, according to some researchers. It has been found that some people have the ability to wake up at the time they need to, due to a burst of the stress hormone adrenocorticotropic.
  5. Sleeping on it actually works. The act of sleeping strengthens memory and extracts information from within the day. In some experiments people did a better job at tasks when they slept on it first, allowing the brain to categorise the information of the day. However, the ‘sleep on it’ tactic might not work with your boss when you try to dodge actually doing any work!